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Sedation not as bad as previous LSA trips more of a good body high this time. 1000 Morning Glory Trip Report This was my first time on LSA, and my second time on any psychedelic. I did a cwe on about 650 seeds (23g). I took 15 gelcaps of ground up morning glory seeds with a few large glasses of water, and had a really nice trip a hour and a half later. The taste wasn't bad, but it got worse the more I ate and the more my body associated it with the nausea. Why not just eat HBWR instead tho? We can't see the trees for the forest and we can't see the forest for the trees.It's like Schrödinger's cat. Walking felt like I had just taken 9 shots. My previous attempts were 220 seeds same extraction just not filtered through cotton. On lui prête des effets similaires au LSD mais moins intenses et avec moins d'hallucinations. There was sedation but I’m a good way as in previous LSA trips it was a bit much.Filtering through cotton acts as a micron filter I think, very good for this kinda stuff.I love how you included notes about the differences from the lower dosage trip you had. It’s cold when I get out of bed, wasn’t cold before ingestion.8.10 feeling more psychedelic like beginning of an acid trip actually just without the strong closed eye visuals.8.50 just smoked rosin for the first time (rosin is like concentrated THC 60% to 90% I put some on the joint) feeling euphoric and very high. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcutsCookies help us deliver our Services. Surprisingly, I managed to hold down my puke for the entire trip.Took around 2 and a half hours for the effects to kick in. L'intérêt moderne fut stimulé par un livre de 1972 qui clame que les Hawaiiens utilisent les graines pour un "high pas cher". By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. The threshold for these seeds would be much much lower were it not for the other alkaloids. Just like a human. Our reality is so hilariously fake, just a subjective extrapolation of ourselves. Close • Posted by 4 minutes ago. * I would say I was peaking here.21.45 mild to moderate closed eye visuals very psychedelic introspection, open eyes everything seems how on a psychedelic, alive or vibrating.

Woodrose, LSD) General: First Times: Combinations: Retrospective / Summary: Preparation / Recipes : Glowing Experiences: Mystical Experiences: Health Benefits : General [8] Held Out Lessons Left Untaught: Friedphish: LSA: LSA Brownies! This was my first time on LSA, and my second time on any psychedelic. It has always been this way, and it was always meant to be. It's an infinite spectrum with infinite details and complexity our kind is not built to perceive.I could see that the meaning and truth we've been trying to see in something, anything, is already manifest in ourselves. I felt like a whiny child, like the fact that my blanket wasn't all the way over my feet was the greatest injustice in the world.One of my favorite songs came on (Tool - Third Eye) and I started to enjoy the sensations more. I usually have the worst nausea from about 10mins to 2 hours after ingestion but it was never very bad and seemed to come in waves (I’ve done about 220 seeds twice before).6.50 On my last two times I did LSA I felt uninterested in music but this time it’s sounding great. 6.10 drank solution. Going to try slient darkest. Went out smoke small joint. Starting to feel sedation feels great .7.10 slight nausea no where near as much as with 220 seeds. I felt good, confident smoking the joint. How can you not see that bot ?

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts 650 Morning Glory (23g) Trip Report. It's worth noting that I'm on a pretty high dose of antidepressants, which lowers the effects decently. Messages: 872. Except that the cat is alive, dead, and fake, just a thought loop extended into believing it has importance. "The trip was rapidly getting more intense and I felt as if I was soaring on the wings of this great trip dragon, I was mesmerized by the feelings in my body and mind.
sounds like a lot of seed matter. But higher dosages I'll get the waves through the beginning, and hit psychedelia quick. I … And I felt like this extraction was as good as it gets no negatives but probably lose some potency but it’s worth it, I’ll probably try 1000 seeds this weekend.A subreddit for those who enjoy LSA, the enigmatic cousin of LSD.Press J to jump to the feed. Felling stoned but something does feel different. Life and death are meaningless terms used to describe the same, unbounded awareness permeating the fabric of our universe. We need to be fluid, not dogmatic, in our constructs. I’d guess something like near death experience has comparable results, but way unsafe!I found another perspective to the veils of our life experience is that they protect us from a perpetual existential crisis. LSA(Morning Glory seeds) Trip Report Discussion in 'LSA seeds' started by RoboCop, Sep 9, 2004. No nausea, surprisingly. No nausea, surprisingly.

Shame shame, bot.Damn, sounds like a great experience. I smoked a couple bowls to help with the nausea.